Bring your humanity to work.

The Narrative Method Workshop increases the awareness, empathy and wonderment to deeply connect, communicate, and develop more meaningful relationships. The Narrative Method is a non-hierarchical circle in which each voice is essential to the whole, a joyous and compelling journey into a series of empathic exercises and creative conversations. Inspiring media clips evoke new ideas that offer a broader perspective about the stories we tell and the way we understand ourselves. In practicing Narrative A.W.E. folks have the opportunity to see the impact of their communication styles and use their humanity to deeply listen to and feel others. The atmosphere is upbeat, compelling and friendly. Relaxed yet profound.

The Narrative Method Workshop increases tolerance, expands perspectives and provides the communication skills to better cooperate and understand each other. There are no wrong answers, no stupid comments. Just a diversity of minds and hearts exploring themselves and experiencing each other, making it easy to take the risk and reach out. Workshops are provided on a sliding scale for underserved communities through non-profit organizations. We also offer workshops for universities, healthcare providers and professional groups.


”It was community building and fun.”

“…created a space for discussing how we interact with our co-workers without being overly personal.”

“It made me feel better about myself, no mean feat.”

“It was affirming to my own challenges to hear others express their concerns and what they are dealing with. I feel like we have finally become the team we were meant to be.”

“…understanding what the other person is really saying in words and body language.”

 “…opened the door to new ways of thinking about my interactions with patients, and especially about looking anew at my own ways of behavior.”