The Narrative Slam transforms alienation into community. A rare opportunity for young adults to find common ground despite their differences. It’s an inclusive atmosphere that’s comfortable and real, where nobody is expected to conform to anything but mutual respect and empathy. We just want everyone to feel free to discover themselves more deeply and begin to uncover their passions and potential. For many, this experience of belonging—and being helpful to others—is the first step towards claiming their strength, intelligence and dignity.

The group responds to compelling media clips that inspire new ways of seeing themselves and the world. They practice Narrative A.W.E. to explore the impact of body language, facial expressions and tone of voice. Through relational exercises they use their awareness and empathy to imagine how others may feel. And through hearing each other’s stories, participants recognize their own struggles and realize they are not alone.

The goal is to connect to others through a deeper understanding of self. Without worrying about fitting in or being cool, young adults can express themselves honestly and authentically. That’s how they find their voice and that’s what we want to hear. Before we close everyone is invited—but not required—to share the stories they write. The next step is to rewrite their future.


“I learned to open up and listen.”

“I need to communicate more so people will get to know and understand me.”

“I am not alone in my struggles… we’re all going through the same things in different ways.”

““… the first time I connected like that.”

“… transformed a group of people from disconnected and isolated to connected and insightful… utterly groundbreaking.”