Walk into a room of strangers and feel inexplicably at home. Sink into our cozy sofas and put your feet up for a fun and profound adventure. A tapestry of stories, big ideas, inspiring media and creative experiences will open you up to new ways of seeing yourself and connecting to others. Practice Narrative A.W.E. and enhance your ability to read what others are saying and feeling. You’ll probably recognize yourself—because we can all understand when we empathize–and there’s no better feeling than that.

Reawaken your imagination. You may just leave inspired to move in directions you never before dreamed possible. Curb your phone at the door for an afternoon or evening adventure at our WLA studio or yours…


“…different way of thinking about my own ways of behavior…enlightening and thought provoking.”

You are asking us to ask questions we avoid and make us accountable to ourselves and each other. Forcing us to be authentic without the pressure.”

“Shari is just so open, and warm and real … and has an edge!”

“Delving into those experiences/memories changed something about the hold they had over me…. “

“…an incredible way to talk about real things.”

“… so moved by my own emotional experience and connection to those other equally vulnerable and intimate people in the room.”

“I didn’t expect it but loved every moment.”

“…laughter with joy and with tears. The full spectrum of colored emotions.”

“After leaving, I hungered again to take risks. That’s way new for me! “

“…something about it being done with strangers that makes it feel like a community can be achieved outside one’s comfort zone.”

“…an awakening of self-honesty.”

“I’m still laughing.”