Forget outside the box.
There is no box.

Imaginative and inspiring library dinners, elegant living room soirees,
events at unique venues … We facilitate so you’re the guest.
Let go, laugh and seriously connect.


“It completely shattered/disrupted my entrenched narratives in the best ways.”

“We both felt enriched by what we had just experienced… it carried over into the rest of the day and into the evening.”

“So much fun, so much light and offer(ed) such yummy insights!”

“I am surprised at how much empathy I felt for each person and how I unequivocally trusted them.”

“Shari’s knowledge, humor, and natural ability to hone in on realities of life, her ability to make everyone feel individually special, valid and worthwhile…”

“… way too long since I was in a space that was so open and safe…a great gift.”

“…such astute sparks of humor.”

“…loved the experience.”

“You set up blank canvases for us to learn on, lean on and teach each other.”