Are you ready to share your passion and creativity to help others find theirs? 

The Narrative Method™ (TNM) offers on-site and remote Facilitator Certification opportunities. Certification Training Includes:

  • Facilitator Guide
  • The Narrative Method™ Program (12-week program)
  • Thumb Drive with curated TNM content
  • Facilitator Certification

The Narrative Method™
On-Site Facilitator Certification

One day of group instruction (approximately eight hours)

  • Introduction to TNM core principles, program segments and use of interactive media
  • Demonstration and practice of TNM experiential learning elements

The Narrative Method™
Remote Facilitator Certification

Four week training (approximately eight hours)

  • Week 1: Review of Facilitator Training Guide; 30-minute phone supervision
  • Week 2: Review of Program, Session 1 – 6; 30-minute phone supervision
  • Week 3: Review of Program, Sessions 7 – 12; 30-minute phone supervision
  • Week 4: Demonstrated facilitation of TNM; written summary of session and self- evaluation; 30-minute phone supervision


“What an honor to witness folks waking up to themselves.”

“the most meaningful work I’ve ever done.”

“Watching a vet starting to reveal himself, quietly at first, then gaining confidence, standing up taller, and transforming in front of our eyes is something that has brought me to tears.”

“…such a rewarding experience…”

“…an atmosphere of trust, camaraderie, and respect in her workshops that allows for both participants and facilitators to come together and grow.”

“Each time I see vets discover their own hidden talents and skills… and the trust that they can create a stronger, confident vision of themselves and their future.”

“We stimulate, we inspire, but most of all, we listen.  There is an intimacy and an insight into the humanity we share that is evident every week.“

“Each time I facilitated a workshop I learned something new and invaluable.”


“I am uniquely changed by being there.  It is an honor and gift to facilitate for this remarkable program.”

“The Narrative Method provides a sacred space in which each participant—no matter whether they came from the street, prison, or Harvard—has the ability to contribute.”

“Beyond the personal growth that occurs as a facilitator, the Narrative Method taught me how to laugh, express myself in ways I’ve never done before, and open my mind to new concepts and ideas…”