The Narrative Method is an award-winning 501c3 program that brings together diverse individuals to profoundly connect through sharing their stories and their humanity. The philosophy and practice are influenced by concepts and theories across many paradigms, including psychology, narrative medicine, social justice, creative writing and improvisation.

The Narrative Method’s 3-Steps to Narrative A.W.E.

Narrative A.W.E. stands for Awareness * Wonder * Empathy and provides the framework for building the empathic listening skills that broaden perspectives, increase tolerance for differences and transform relationships.

There are many ways to see. Storytelling, inspiring media and imaginative experiences evoke open conversations that offer participants new ways to see themselves and the world. Without criticism or shame, they are encouraged to reconsider the assumptions and beliefs that may have limited their thinking and maintained barriers to their potential. We reject the idea of ‘normal’ and challenge the cultural messages that value politeness over honesty and intimacy. The Narrative Method taps our intellect and awareness to recognize kneejerk reactions that stand in the way of sincere communication.

Stories are the human currency that cut through differences in race, religion, values and beliefs. Sharing stories synchronizes our brains and hearts the way mother’s presence and loving gaze regulates her child. Feeling heard and known provides a sense of belonging and shared meaning that is essential to cognitive and emotional development. It increases empathy, reduces stress, normalizes our feelings, lowers blood pressure and positively impacts the way we feel and behave. Because our stories define how we understand our place in the world, we invite participants to explore their stories through many lenses.

Just because we speak the same language doesn’t mean we’re communicating. Words alone do not make our thoughts and intentions obvious to others. In fact, 90% of all communication is nonverbal and often unconscious—and impossible to communicate without eye contact and the ability to read body language and facial expressions. The Narrative Method emphasizes the importance of reading subtle and nuanced signals, sounds and words. Visual connections, listening techniques and reflective exercises reduce misinterpretations and enhance clear communication.

Pull back the blinds to rediscover your voice, your dreams and your true potential.